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*If you don’t find an example on what you want in our product library, call us we can do any type of awnings & structure.

The Best Cover Solution For Your Business.

Owning a business in South Florida can be very exciting and very profitable depending the business you have like stores, retrial stores, buildings, offices and much more. The climate in South Florida can make it very difficult for many people with the hot sun, that in a long term can be a problem. That’s why having an awning for your business for the building or store can be the perfect solution to protect your employees and customers from the heat. The many types of awnings can be carports, doorway awnings, extendable awnings or regular awnings for your liking and style. The awnings can come in types of fabrics with variety of price range for each. All of the awnings have a 10 Year Warranty for Structure & 8 Yr Warranty for Fabric or 5 Yr Warranty depending on the type of fabric you choose. We canalso make custom fabric of putting two fabrics into stripes of your liking but of course the price will go higher.