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Design Awning System.

An awning is a layer of canvas made of various woven materials, such as plastic, polyester, PVC, acrylic, aluminum, etc.
Benefits and use
The main benefit and use that can be found on an awning is the protection from the rays of the Sun and heat, both owners as buildings, where it is installed. It is also helpful for the protection of the rain and storms, saving energy, better weather, and better use of space where the Sun’s rays penetrate. Actually, it can be used as a decorative element in establishments (for signs), because its customization in color, shape and design.
Design Awning System
Nowadays, we can find several types of awning and each has its own design system. A Design Awning System consists basically in:
Brackets: Which provide stability once installed, it can be manual or electric and vary according to the type of structure or surface where the awning is installed.
Awning board: It is the layer or canvas, either woven or uniform of the awning that provides protection from the Sun’s rays or other external agents.
Strap seal: It provides tension to the canvas and also, can gets shorten or strain.
Fixing bar: It’s responsible for fitting the layer or canopy canvas.
Arms: They are 2: back arm and front arm, they are responsible for protecting the awning.

We can find several types of Design Awning System, such as:

Traditional awning design: This design has been on the market for decades, actually, there are 2 types of traditional awning: the one which is opened by hand and the other which operate by electricity, with a layer of canvas made of acrylic material fabric with PVC. This system of design commonly is installed on supporting of houses and kiosks.
Dome awning design: This type of design is used for customized entries of buildings and can withstand a heavier weight of snow due to the arched structure.
Gable awning design: This design is perfect for backyards, either, for sharing a BBQ or reading a book. Its modular structure allows it to get install and uninstall with an easy way by its modular structure.
Convex awning design: This design is very similar to the single dome, which is characterized by its commercial use. This serves as a sign at the entrances of establishments.
Marquee awning design: due to its triangle-shaped design it provides greater height allowing more airing.
Valances: Valances designs are the wings of the awning to provide protection from the rays of the sun, at the same time; it produces a pleasurable sensation of Breeze. These have different designs, such as: high wave, Russian, Greek key, scissor cut, straight with binding, low wave, bell, straight hemmer overalls and roman key.

At the time of choosing a design of awning is very important taking into consideration that the material used for the layer or canvas must be resistant and lasting to different types of climate and weather. As well as, the space where we will install our awning, so, in addition to benefiting the health and skin care it is something decorative and attractive to the sight.

Promotional banners as an effective marketing tool to increase your sales target.
Nowadays, the promotional banners have become one of the advertising tools preferred by enterprises, because it easily attracts customers with great potential. Many companies are installing promotional banner signs in the shop’s windows, entrances of establishments, buildings, Poles, etc. to expand their brand in a more flexible way.

Places where promotional banners can be installed, at same time, it can launch your brand or advertising.
The promotional banner are designed both for outdoors as indoors events, so, they are perfect for festivals, parades, exhibitions in museums, tournaments, etc. it requires that they are manufactured with a quality and durability material, which can support any application. Wind, rain, Sun and snow will no longer be an obstacle for showing your advertising of your brand in a continuous way and thus, you will increase your sales favorably.

A good design attracts more customers
With the tools available today, anyone can design a banner for promotion. But designing a banner is one thing and design a banner that really works is quite different.

Here are some advises that your promotional banner could (or should) be to increase its effectiveness.

1. If you use photos for promoting your product these must reflect to a certain extent and must have an adequate space to integrate headlines, without make it difficult to read. Often, find the photo can be the hardest part. The photo should guide the custom view to announcement elements but without overwhelming.
2. Locate the image design, the best place for this, is typically the right of the banner (even the lower right corner is good).
3. A place of focus that captures the attention of the custom and broadcast what kind of promotion or message you want to give. Things like “all $5”, “Great sale promotion”, etc.
4. Think of the customer’s benefit. (i.e., what they get from the offer or product). This is often best to transcribe it, with short and clear descriptions.
5. Avoid the centered text, because it is difficult to read. All text should be aligned to the right preferably. The only time you can use centered text is in headlines, but also, it will depend on the disposition of the image and the text.

The implementation of each of these elements must be taken into account during the development of the promotional banners; this will make the difference between a well or poorly designed promotional banner. Promotions may vary and should be based on its individual targets and goals sales to make them effective. It is really important to perform necessary tests which will be the key to what works for the company, since, what is good for some is not for others.
The benefits of using promotional banners, is that they are highly effective and cost-effective to post a product or service. Also, banners promotional, whatever its type (physical or virtual), are appropriate to launch a new product, offer sales seasonal, participating in a commercial exhibition or performing an event to outdoors of marketing. Another benefit that you can find in them is that they help to instill the awareness of the brand increasing the popularity of the product.

Then, if you want your business to grow do not hesitate to use as a promotional banner as a marketing tool.

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