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How Do Retractable Awnings Work?

Before knowing how retractable awnings work we need to know how they are made, including material, size and shape and of course the uses they have in order to understand how they work.

First of all, an awning is a cover commonly made of polyester or cotton canvas, entirely supported by a building; it is held tightly to a structure of steel, aluminum or iron. The main goal is to provide shadow in outdoor places.

Some of the benefits we can find on retractable awnings are energy-saver; weather protection against the rain, snow, sun or wind, also can be used to advertise or identify any place, shop, or building or just to decorate a house using cheerful colors or designs that best adapt to the house shape.

Once we have this knowledge, is time to know what types of awning are and how they work.

• Right point awning: is the most used in houses or markets; they usually are put outside the windows or doors. Normally shop markets use this type of awning to advertise or let people know the name of their shop. The houses use this type of awning to avoid rain or the sunlight gets inside.
• Vertical awning: is also known screen because it unfolds like a parchment, is it used to separate parts of the house like a wall, or avoid the view from the outside to inside.
• Extendable awning: the main characteristic of this type of awning is that they use some kind of mechanic arms moved by chains or ropes that make the awnings extend. It is commonly used is open places like boulevards or streets.
• Flat awning: people use this type of awning in the backyards to cover big spaces. It is put in horizontal way with a barely inclination, it holds with strong legs bases.
• Bonnet awning: the shape of this type of awning is semicircular or squared, perfect to use in little windows. There are two types of bonnet awning, fixed and movable, the fixed ones keep their form, they don’t move and the movables can expand and gather because they are made of rings that allow the movement.
• Motorized awning: this type of awning have no vertical supports, they use retracting lateral arms and are operated by an electric motor that is hide inside the roller tube. This is one of the most popular awnings these days in North America and Europe because is easy to use, easy to install.
• Retractable cover systems: suitable for villa, garden, terrace, mainly for sun shading and decoration. Most of these systems are waterproof, they don’t allow water penetration. One benefit is that they can be enclosed.

A lot of shops have been using retractable awning to advertise and let people know what are their shops about and catch their attention using bright colors or interesting designs, basically the shops that are located on streets or boulevards are the ones who use this type or retractable awnings because is very useful for them to bring customers.

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