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What Is Awnings?

The awning is an accessory used to protect people or things from the sun or the rain. It is used in balconies, in the front house or in a front store to produce shadow.
Sometimes the awnings can be saved to use it when be really necessary and in the evening, for example you can save it and in the morning use it again, without any problem. In other way there are awnings that can’t be saved and always are in the same place.

When we choose an awning should pay attention to the place where we want to use and of course choose a good size. Don’t care if it is for a house or store. But to know more about awnings here there the kind of awnings exists:

Right point awning: this is the most traditional awning ever; it is used in balconies and stores, it’s easy to use, comfortable and practice. It works with front sticks that can be nice to protect them from strong winds.
Vertical awnings: it’s called Screen too; this is the one that can be saved and hold to the wall.

Extensible awning: it’s characterized for their transmission system by its sticks and they can be wires, chains, tapes, and double wire, and the best part you can’t see them. It’s really precise. You can use in the front, on side or on the floor.

Flat awning: this awning can be in square or rectangular shape. It is commonly used in yards. And you can hold it with sticks until the floor or on the wall.
Cover awning: this is used for windows and there are two kinds of; the first one is static and the other one can be saved.


Have an awning means an advantage for many reasons like you can enjoy more in your balcony without get worry about the weather; you can graduate the temperature inside home and keep your wellness; you save energy, you don’t need to spend too much energy with air conditioner or something similar.
Makes your house looks better and more beautiful; like you are not using the air conditioner there is less emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere: you avoid the UV get into the house and damage your furniture; you can enjoy of part of your house that before you don’t do it; the awning produces more privacy.

Have an awning doesn’t mean to have to spend a lot of money, instead of you will do a big inversion for yourself. The awning will make you feel comfortable most of the time in summer when the sun is hotter than ever.

So if you are thinking about install an awning you should take into account is not enough read about awning is necessary you look for any help, especially an expert to help you to choose the better option and something you really like, they have the skills to make your likes come true, especially because sometimes is difficult for people express what they would like, so, now you know what is awning it’s time to look for one.

Advices to give good awning maintenance

The hygiene is really important in every place of our life; in that way we prevent sickness and keep everything organized. The hygiene is a habit that people should practice in all their life to be safe and nice at first view; also the hygiene is considered a condition to take part in the society. The hygiene of the business is as important as the all kind of the hygiene, every corner of the places including the awning maintenance.
Keep cleaned the store should be a rule in every store in the world. When a customer gets in our store we are being judged and every detail counts for that reason we must have organized the store; with it the customers feel they can trust us.
Like said previously all the things that compose the store should be cleaned especially the biggest thing like awning if you don’t know how to do it now you are going to learn.
First of all you have to save your awning when is raining; although the awning has a waterproof cover the common is they are used to protect us from the sun, so every time rains you should save the awning to avoid damaging it.
Never save your awning while is wet; but if you have to do it please open it at the first opportunity you have to avoid any damage. Then, you have to wait for the awning is completely dry. This is important because as we know they have their own treatment to keep it clean but always there is risk to get any damage.
Don’t let your awning get dust. You need to delete all the particles but first make sure it’s dry. In the other side, to clean the awning you can use warm water not hot and apply it slowly.
To let it really clean you can use a sponge or rub with a wet towel, don’t use any special machine with water; don’t use any detergent or chemical products, it isn’t recommended because can damage the color of the awning.
You should be clear that an awning needs fixing sometimes and when the awning is too old maybe could be difficult to find the piece that it needs.
In other way the experts recommend give maintenance to awning twice at year, of course if you can do it more is better but at least twice per year to avoid damages; but if you have the opportunity clean it frequently for avoid disgusting spots and maintain it as new as you can.
The main point is keeping cleaned the awning but don’t forget your wellness like using stairs in good conditions and if you can ask help to another person is better.
It’s more common the outside is dirtier than the inside but is necessary you clean both of them to make sure all is perfect.
So now, don’t be afraid to try yourself to give the adequate awning maintenance, just be careful and do it in the best way possible and you get will have a beautiful awning for long time.

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